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Logistics Emergency Catalogue

Last updated: 31 Jan 2023


The IOM Logistics Emergency Catalogue contains detailed specifications of the most commonly procured non-food items. These specifications allow comparison between suppliers, convergence of items with other major humanitarian responders, and testing for quality control. They also enable suppliers to understand IOM's expectations in terms of items delivered. Unless otherwise stated, and apart from branding considerations, the specifications are as per the ICRC/IFRC catalogue. Each of the specifications has an accompanying material code to support tracking in PRISM and logistics as well as other data to support with logistics. A table with the items included in this catalogue, and their respective material codes, can be found below.

The purpose of using the same specifications as ICRC/IFRC is to promote harmonization between agencies and distribution sites, as well as to ensure that agencies can push with a collective voice for consistent quality with suppliers.

Without these detailed specifications and accompanying quality control processes, it is very difficult to ensure that shipments meet the standards agreed when supply contracts were established, or to resolve any disputes in the case of poor quality shipments.

Some items such as family tents should not be procured to any other specifications unless clear justification is given based on appropriate national standards, and clear relationships with suppliers established. Failure to do so may well result in procurements that do not meet basic humanitarian needs, significant quality issues and challenges at distribution sites. Similarly, if any of the below mentioned items will be procured beyond IOM's or the National (cluster) standards, field missions are requested to consult from thematic experts before any purchase.

Additional guidance on quality control is available by contacting the Shelter Support team and the Manila Supply Chain Unit (MSCU).


Please note that the materials codes have recently changed.

Item Description New Material Code Old Material Code
Bag 100x100cm, 30kg cap, 200gsm tarp 4700000067 1100000007
Blanket, Type 3, Synthetic, 1.5x2m, H Temp 3500000029 1100000018
Blanket, Type 4, Synthetic, 1.5x2m, M Temp 3500000030 1100000019
Bladder Tanks, 5,000L with Tap Stand and Accessories 4700000059 1100000082
Bladder Tanks, 10,000L with Tap Stand and Accessories 4700000058 1100000083
Bucket, plastic, 14L, Heavy duty plastic 4700000060 1100000020
Geodesic Family Tent 3500000058 1100000103
Jerrycan, Type 1, 10L, plastic flat bag 4700000052 1100000021
Jerrycan, Type 2, 10L, plastic foldable 4700000053 1100000022
Jerrycan, Type 3, 15L, plastic foldable 4700000054 1100000023
Jerrycan, Type 4, 20L, plastic foldable 4700000055 1100000024
Jerrycan, Type 5, plastic rigid 4700000056 1100000025
Kitchen set A, ICRC Type A cooking and serving 38pcs 3500000174 1100000026
Kitchen set B, ICRC Type B cooking and serving 36 pcs 3500000051 1100000026
Sleeping mat, 1.80x0.90m, twill weave 3500000027 1100000027
Mosquito net, 1.90x1.50x1.80m, LLIN, PE 3500000025 1100000028
Sheet, Tarpaulin 4x6m, reinforcement bands 3500000046 1100000013
Tarpaulin, rolls 4x60m 3500000047 1100000054
Solar Lamp Type A 4500000042 1100000092
Solar Lamp Type B 4500000047 N/A
Winterized liner kit for frame tent 3500000062 1100000031
Tent, Multi-purpose, 7.5x6m, 45m2 3500000057 1100000064
Tent, Mobile Storage Unit (MSU), 10x24m 4800000020 1100000032
Shelter Tool, Crowbar/Wrecking Bar 18" 4000000054 1100000033
Shelter Tool, Handsaw for Timber 4000000056 1100000034
Shelter Tool, Shovel, round point, Y handle 4000000008 1100000035
Shelter Tool, Claw Hammer 4000000055 1100000036
Shelter Tool, Hoe, long handle, large 4000000074 1100000037
Shelter Tool, Shears for metal sheet 4000000057 1100000038
Shelter Fixings, Nail for roof sheets 4100000215 1100000039
Shelter Fixings, Nail for wood, Large 4100000198 1100000040
Shelter Fixings, Nail for wood, Small 4100000197 1100000041
Rope, polypropylene, black, 8mm twisted 4100000072 1100000053
Rope, polypropylene, black, 10mm twisted 4100000071 1100000042
Tie Wire, galvanized 4100000082 1100000043
Onion Tank, 30m3 4700000035 1100000113
Latrine Slab/Squatting Plate 4100000217 1100000112
Self-closing Tap 4000000200 N/A


For more information and guidance contact the Shelter Support Team: ShelterSupport@iom.int, and the Global Procurement and Supply Unit (GPSU): GPSU@iom.int.