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Visibility in Emergencies

Last updated: 21 Oct 2022


IOM operations should aim to be effective and efficient, but they also need to be visible, for coordination, accountability but also for resource mobilization purpose. During emergencies, donors often travel to the field to observe operations, good visibility will inform donors, among other actors, how IOM is a key actor in the response.

To support Country Offices in terms of visibility IOM has developed guidelines for external visibility. In addition many donors have visibility requirements stated in project agreements. It is important to understand what these requirements are and implement them accordingly.

Key Considerations

  • Talk to your local donor counterpart to develop realistic plans for project visibility. Engaging donors in this activity can help demonstrate IOM's commitment to recognizing the donor's support to ongoing emergency programmes. Donor counterparts can be consulted in the development of visibility materials (e.g. lay out of posters and other materials) and can be engaged in field visits with the press, the development of press notes, videos and opening or handover ceremonies.
  • In some cases, there may be safety concerns in displaying a specific donor logo, so it is important to discuss this with the donor and agree on a realistic way forward on the use of visibility materials in these situations (which can include zero visibility in the field).
  • When placing visibility materials on rented vehicles or venues, it is important to remove these materials once the vehicles/ venues are no longer used by IOM. This will reduce the risk of IOM or Donor logos being displayed in non-IOM activities.
  • It is important to keep track of IOM's visibility activities (press releases, ceremonies, social media entries and the use of other visibility material) as this should be included in donor reports.

Guidance on the Process

Here are some useful links to access logos and guidelines for visibility:

IOM Visibility:

Donor Visibility:

For further information please also reference the donor profiles on the IOM intranet. It is also possible to contact DRD in Geneva for more specific information relating to donor/IOM visibility requirements.


For additional guidance on donor visibility contact DRD: drd@iom.int.

For guidance on IOM Branding contact: the Brand and Design team (brand@iom.int) from the Media and Communications Division.

The relevant IOM Offices that liaise with specific donors can also provide additional guidance. See the Programme Support Functions: Who Can Help You entry for contact details.

Key Points

  • Having visibility in place at the field level also strengthens IOM's ability to mobilize resources to support the operations.

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