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Humanitarian Booking Platform

Last updated: 22 May 2023


IOM has signed an agreement with the World Food Programme (WFP) to join its web-based platform, Humanitarian Booking Platform. This is an inter-agency initiative, with participation of WFP, UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM, and offers an interface for offering and booking accommodations in field locations, as well as for other services such as booking UNHAS flights and booking appointments at UN Clinics (depending on targeted country operations). 

This agreement allows IOM to post IOM-managed accommodations on the website (humanitarian hub, guesthouses, etc.) and mention the services available (catering, leisure rooms, etc.) as well as conditions under which these accommodations can be reserved by any humanitarian workers (e.g. price, payment modalities, etc.). 

The platform also offers various management tools, such as real-time reports and analysis on occupancy and running costs of each location. The cost of participation in the platform is sponsored by DOE for 2019, and there is no cost for missions to use the services of the platform. 

IOM personnel may also find and reserve their accommodation for their duty travel on this website, based on the photos, prices and other information provided for each guesthouse. 



For any questions on DOE's initiatives based on the platform, please contact IOM HQ PRD (Metehan Temurcin, mtemurcin@iom.int).

Key Points

  • The Humanitarian Booking Platform is a 24/7 booking system for the humanitarian world supporting workers in remote locations to deliver last mile aid.
  • The platform offers humanitarian workers access to over 270 UN guesthouses, 495 UNHAS flight destinations – along with driver pickups – 90+ UN medical clinics and 35+ psychological counselors in more than 111 countries.
  • All IOM personnel can reserve their accommodations on this website.



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