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Guidance Documents and Tools for Procurement and Logistics

Last updated: 21 Feb 2024


The following documents, forms and tools are available to ensure that IOM's Procurement and Logistics operations can be carried out efficiently and in compliance with internal policies and procedures.


IOM Procurement Manual - Procurement of Goods, Works & Services (IN168 Rev. 3): This Manual provides IOM staff, especially those undertaking the Procurement Function, with the required policies to be observed in carrying out procurement of goods, construction works and services.

Supplemental forms and relevant annexes to the Procurement Manual (IN168 Rev. 3) are also available.

Global Insurance Bulletin for 2014: This Bulletin provides information on current practices, procedures and policies for vehicle insurance and other insurance programs.

Warehouse Management Manual and Forms: The purpose of this Instruction is to inform all staff members of the revised policies on Warehouse and related procedures and forms.

Emergency Procurement Workflow: Illustrates the process flow for procurement in emergencies.

Identification and Selection of Implementing Partners: This document provides guidance to help distinguish between Implementing Partners (IPs), Service Providers and Regular Vendors. It also defines IPs in the context of procurement.


The following forms are also available:

  • Bids Analysis Summary
  • Land Transfer Request Form
  • Lost and Adjustment Report
  • Purchase Authorization Matrix
  • Purchase Requisition Form
  • Receiving Report
  • Request for Quotations
  • Shipment Pre Alert
  • Stock Card Form
  • Stock Inventory Report
  • Stock Withdrawal Request Form
  • Warehouse Inventory Address System Guide
  • Warehouse Stock List
  • Way Bill


For legal agreements, it is recommended that Country Offices download the latest agreement templates from the Office of Legal Affairs (LEG) page on the intranet to ensure that the most updated templates are used.


For more information and guidance contact the Supply Chain Division: SCD@iom.int.

DFM Emergency Support can also provide additional support and information as needed: DFMES@iom.int.

For more information on Legal Agreements contact the Office of Legal Affairs: LEG@iom.int.