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DTM & Partners Cooperation

Last updated: 19 Dec 2022


DTM data is shared with humanitarian actors to inform response. The toolkit includes tools to help field colleagues collect data that are useful for response. Tools were developed in partnership with most of the Global Clusters, Areas of Responsibility and Working Groups and aimed at strengthening cooperation with partners (data users) in the field.


The toolkit includes:

  • Videos on DTM and Partners Cooperation
  • Training on IM for Protection, GBV, Disability Inclusion, Child Protection, Counter Trafficking and Information Management
  • How-to Guide on collecting data for each sector (i.e. CCCM, WASH, Shelter & NFIs, Health, Energy, Education, Cash and Mine Action)
  • Frequently Asked Questions Presentations on DTM in English, French and Spanish
  • Sectoral Analytical frameworks
  • Data Sharing modalities, principles and DTM data sharing forms
  • Field Companion: Sectoral Questions for Location Assessment Methods and Sources for data collection
  • Safely responding to incident disclosures
  • Practical solutions for different population's datasets

Key Considerations

The DTM & Partners Toolkit was developed on the basis of the work done by the EDAUUR Working Group (Ensuring Data and Analysis are useful and Usable for Response) under the Grand Bargain work stream on Needs Assessments. The toolkit is publicly available online, aimed at helping DTM and partners on the field collect useful and usable data for humanitarian response.

Examples from the field

The Toolkit was launched globally in February 2019, by colleagues from DTM and Partners, including UNHCR-FICS, Global Health Cluster, Global Education Cluster and the Child Protection Area or Responsibility. The Toolkit includes tools developed with field and regional colleagues.


For more information contact DTMSupport@iom.int.